Friday, March 27, 2009


I've been wanted to small drawings that were looser and more spontaneous, so I did a bunch of 5x7 drawings on paper that explore similar themes and ideas as my larger more elaborate paintings on wood.
Lake Time Fun, 5 x 7 , Gouache and ink, 2009

I usually use Arches 300lb watercolor paper, but for these drawings I used Rives BFK paper in a soft yellow color. Yellow used to be my least favorite color, but now it's worked it's way in my main color palette! Oh how things change...


lsquaredstudios said...

Fantastic! are these going to be at the show?
I recently have fallen in love with purple which i never really cared for before. maybe its a sign of maturity or something - perhaps too many chemicals

Nicole said...

Yup, there's 16 of these 5x7 drawings all unframed.

Yeah, maybe it is a sign of maturity...I've kind of been doing the same thing with foods too. I like asparagus now (of all things) and I used to hate it before.