Monday, February 15, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

The cats have helped me pick (along with the random pick generator) the winners of the B-Day artwork giveaway!

1st Place - Susie Bertie
2nd Place - Jane Marie
3rd Place - About

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and for sharing your favorite hideouts! (Crawl spaces/stairways/closets, and the outdoors seem to be some of the favorite hideouts!)

If your a winner let me know your address and I can get your piece to you!!!


amy maclennan said...

okay i'm really disappointed now
sniff sniff

amy maclennan said...

but i'm really happy for the winners, don't get me wrong!

Anonymous said...

I see my wife signed up under my account! Glad she did because we are the About (3rd)!! I also notice she did not share her favorite place so I will. My favorite place was a fort I built under my dad's drafting table with my make believe friends.

Here is our address:

Jason Jilg
1580 RD 320
Harvard, NE 68944

And thanks so much, because I was just in talking to Angela about some of your pieces!!

Patricia said...

Dang, sorry I missed your birthday - and especially sorry I missed out on the drawing! Congratulations to the winners!