Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twisty Tree Tavern

 Twisty Tree Tavern, 24x24, Gouache & Ink on Wood, Available

Here is a new piece for an upcoming show at Graham GalleryThe show theme is "A Career in Art Will Not Pay the Bills  (it will this month)" 

"Artists will submit entries and the entry will be accompanied by a bill, payment, desire or financial obligation.  The sale of the art will finance the artists wish."

 If my pieces sell I will put the money towards my letterpress venture. Even though I lucked out and traded artwork for the letterpress, the cost of ink, rollers, paper, and other equipment is still expensive. And if I happen to sell both my pieces in the show the rest of the money will be put towards financing a book that myself and another are working on and will be ready this X-mas season.

Everyone has all sorts of bills to pay and YES a career in art DOES pay the bills (sometimes) and it is my living. A goal of mine is to eventually focus on my art, design, illustration, and bookmaking full time and every art piece I do is a step closer to achieving that and essentially running my own business.

So thank you for supporting artists and helping to debunk the "Starving Artist" stereotype!

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Patricia said...

Fabulous piece! Because you are a dedicated artist and a fantastic person you will succeed wildly in your field. Can't wait to see the book!