Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sparklers, 5x7, Gouache & Ink on Paper, 2010

Here is a commission piece I did recently. The clients request was to include peach/turquoise/red + bright lanterns and rabbits. I had a lot of fun doing this piece and incorporating the specific colors. I like it when people ask for certain elements to include because it get's me thinking outside my painting habits. Below are a few progress pictures.


lsquaredstudios said...

Great post!
I loved your little narration as well as the progress shots! I hope the commissions keep coming!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole!
Thanks again - I love this piece SO much, and it is getting rave reviews. :)


Nicole said...

Thanks Carrie,

I'm glad you are enjoying it!

Dan Farrelly said...

really beautiful work