Monday, September 13, 2010

The Geologist's Study

The Geologist's Study, 11x11, Gouache & Ink on Wood, 2010,  Available at Graham Gallery.

This painting is for the science enthusiast that still goes to Hobby Town to look at the different science stuff for "kids" - ant farms, crystal growing kits, terrariums. Or for the person that has the book Rock & Gem - the definitive guide to rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils and other such things on their coffee table.

Growing up I was constantly digging at the nearby park for little pottery pieces and different rocks to take home. My parents picked up on this and got me a rock tumbler to polish my rocks. Add the different powders and polishing agents and let it tumble! The best part was that the crummiest looking rock to polish into something pretty spectacular.

Just this summer the talk of a cave with crystals growing in it, suckered me into crawling into a hole to see what treasures it might hold. (Not all that great I'm afraid). But it was still fun and I enjoyed the thrill of the "hunt".

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Pixybug Designs said...

Awesome! Love all the "rock hunter" details! Can you imagine what an Ammonite that size would cost?! The detail on the collector's box is beautiful! Never stop being amazed at the beautiful paintings you turn out!