Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yea for Treehouses!

Ultimate Treehouse, 5x7, Gouache & Ink, 2010
Here is a commission I did recently - the client requested a tree house! Her family had a treehouse in the backyard when they were kids, and I had one in my backyard growing up too! The one I painted is a little more fancy than my own treehouse in the old crab apple tree, but any treehouse is guaranteed hours of fun! (I feel like I should start an official treehouse club with secret handshakes and fancy badges!)

Dad and I in the treehouse in our backyard.


Anonymous said...

I would totally be a member of your treehouse club! Ha ha. LOVE the photo of you & your dad. Thanks again for doing this painting for me, my brother is going to love it.

How are your adventures in letterpress going?...


Nicole said...

Thanks Carrie...it was a pleasure to do!

I put my press aside for a while, until I get some pieces done for winter shows.

stephen dijoseph said...

Nicole! you rock!!! Saw your art on Susie Berties www.Wiffledust.ning.com...please come share your art there...dont think Ive seen you there... : )

my blog


Kelli Jacobsen said...

I remember being terrified of your tree house, I think I got over it after a little bit. I love the paintings :)