Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sweethearts Card Set up in shop!

Love is in the air!
New illustrated cards are now available in my shop in time for Valentine's Day or for an anytime surprise for your sweetheart.

Featuring four different illustrated designs:
Hug Kiss
Smitten Kitten
Love Bunnies

Available in a 4 card set or individually in my online store.


Malapata said...


I have just discovered your blog, and I think that your drawings are awesome.

Greetings from Spain!

Nicole said...

Hi Malapata!


I visited Spain quite a few years back and it was very beautiful and amazing. It always intrigues me to see a place with such rich history. (Historical buildings for us around here are 100-200 years! lol)

Greetings from Nebraska in USA