Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Think Warm *leafy* Thoughts

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory - Photo from their website.

It seems this winter as it gets colder and colder, I tend to want to escape to someplace warm (We're in a winter storm warning right now).  I thought of my friend who lives up in Minnesota who gets blasted with snow even more than we do here in Nebraska....and do you know where she goes to de-thaw in the city? The Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Conservatory, 9.75 x 13.75, Gouache & Ink on Paper, 2011

I went there last year when I was visiting and was quite taken with the place. All the wonderful plants, and warm air, people just strolling around enjoying the scenery. The Como Conservatory is the inspiration behind this painting. I like visiting greenhouses anyway, but this was my first official conservatory. I think my perfect studio would be part plant room :)

Here are a few photos from my visit there last year. 
For some reason I didn't take any photos of the building which was really interesting itself.

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lsquaredstudios said...

Makes me warm that you enjoyed your experience at Como so much. Feel free to come up and visit again any time. I'd love to see what you'd do with your sloth photos, I love the sloth.