Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Beautiful Journey - Painting

Beautiful Journey, Gouache & Ink on Wood, 2011

Here is a fun commission I did a couple months back. It was for a group called Nature Explore whose goal is to provide comprehensive resources that folks can use to help young children connect more deeply with the world around them.

One of the resources they help develop are nature explore classrooms around the country.  I visited one when I was in Nebraska City a couple years back. It was really cool and the kids (and adults) were really enjoying it. There were logs and wood blocks and all sorts of fun things to explore. 

One of the main themes in the piece I created was to "look closer" and there is always more to discover. It was really great learning more about the Nature Explore program and meeting the people involved. Thanks!   


Tally Heilke said...

It's beautiful, Nicole! One of the things that draws me so much to your artwork is how evocative it is of my own childhood games and imaginings.

soozie said...

transportive ,,,, !!!!! i want to live in your worlds :)