Friday, April 01, 2011

Print for Japan at Tiny Showcase

Paper Size: 8x10 inches
Edition of 100
$25.00  SOLD OUT
($15 of each print is donated to Red Cross relief for Japan Earthquake and Pacific tsunami)

Available at Tiny Showcase 

UPDATE: Edition is sold out. Thank you everyone for raising $1500 for disaster relief in Japan.

In 2007 I had the pleasure of visiting Ozu, Japan through a home-stay program. There I worked with high school art students and with other area artists. While the beauty, incredible history, and culture of Japan was breathtaking, it was the kindness of the people that touched my heart.
 My alma mater, Hastings College, has a sister city program exchange, where people from Japan come and stay 10 days with members of the community, and we then, in turn, get to visit their town Ozu. We exchange ideas, local customs and food, and share what we do. It was an incredible experience for me, and for all those who take part say it is something they never forget and make lifelong friends in the process. 

Like many who heard about the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan, I was just stunned. Destruction like that is so hard to comprehend and as news and photos came in it was unbelievable. The generosity that I was shown while in Japan was incredibly touching and I will always remember it, and now, facing the wreckage of the earthquake and tsunami the people of Japan's courage and kindness is more apparent than ever. I did this piece specifically for the disaster relief fund, I felt like I needed to do something, however small it may be. 

Working on a painting with area high school students.

Group shot of students at local High School

Increadable food spread at Welcoming Party

Gorgeous river valley. My host family thought I would like the park...and yes, yes I did.

Trying my hand at Sumi painting. (Holding the brush is very specific!)

Shimenawa around tree.

Most well groomed park I've ever seen.

Ceramic lesson with area artist.

Kummamoto Castle.


soozie said...

Nickoli . . thank you for sharing a part of your story. ... have been thinking about your stay there alot actually and how there is this simple kind-heart that seems to float out of your work . . thank you

Kaylovesvintage said...

I was lucky to catch one of your prints

Nicole said...

Thank you Soozie for the kind words and encouragement. It was great seeing you Friday!

Nicole said...

Kay, thanks for supporting the print project...enjoy!