Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring & Things

Lots of fun Springy things have been happening lately. I've been enjoying watching my flowers and herbs grow a little bit everyday. This Icelandic Poppy has been hanging out for about a week and finally opened up!

This is also my first year starting a herb garden. These little herb-babies started coming up and then I realized that I probably should not have dumped the whole packed of seeds in one pot. Oops...I'll thin these out as they come up.


Our home opens up in back to a bike trail with park, and ducks really enjoy the little waterway. Matt took some really great photos with a telephoto-lens. Here's a few ducks are so cute, I mean really, seriously, super-duper cute...

Half the time you can't even see their heads, they're too busy eating away!


Then there's the baby squirrels that were investigating our porch, checking out the bird seed I spilled and just about everything else they can get into. 


Matt also had his birthday last Friday so we had a grand time celebrating that!
Here is a lemon cake I made for the occasion.

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