Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holiday's

Been a busy last few weeks...finishing commissions, wrapping presents...then unwrapping presents! Here are a few photo highlights of my holiday festivities (and yes I finally got an iphone and got on the instragram photo bandwagon!).

 Every nerd needs a 8-bit wreath to add that geeky cheer. (Available at Thinkgeek if you need to add to your 8bit collection)


 These are adorable mini sweaters my mom-in-law knit my guy and I for our x-mas tree. Modeled after the sweaters Ron's mom made Harry and Ron every winter, these are just so awesome we will probally keep them out all year round!

My family started out Christmas-eve with a gigantic appetizer spread. Part of said spread was a great cheese tray with lots of fun cheesy delights.

Mr Toshi here posing beautifully as he get's fed his favorite treat...banana chips! 

It's a tradition here at our house that whenever you leave your seat there will soon be a cat to take your spot. Here Kit and Mochi both went for my desk chair. Notice how they are both avoiding eye contact with me...thinking that if they don't see me they won't have to move it!

Here is a little sneak peek of what I am currently working on in the studio. This February at the Lux Center in Lincoln, I will be having a show featuring 50 of these mini paintings and other goodies. These little works are glimpses into the lives of the woodland inhabitants. Many tea parties and adventures to be had in the Woodland Shade!


Veronica said...

Oh my gosh I love your blog!

Patty said...

Really looking forward to seeing this little beauties at Lux!!