Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr. Seuss tribute show at Gallery Nucleus

Look at This, Look At That: A tribute to Dr. Seuss show opens this Saturday at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA. Over 35 artists pay homage to the man who created such classics as The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, and many other amazing tales.

Many people owe their literary childhood to the wonderful rhymes and illustrations of Dr. Seuss. I remember reading Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories over and over, and that special day in 1st grade when our class actually made green eggs and ham (a little food coloring goes a long way!) So when I got the request to be part of this show I was more that ecstatic. I couldn't wait to illustrate some fuzzy Seuss-inspired trees and imaginative creatures. Here are my two pieces that I contributed to the show:

11 x 9 inches
Gouache & Ink on paper
  © Nicole Gustafsson 2012
Update: SOLD

Seuss-scape, 11 x 9 inches, Gouache & Ink on paper, © Nicole Gustafsson 2012

This piece is based on the lovely but jealous Gertrude McFuzz who get's greedy and eats too many feather-growing berries to outshine another birdy. Oh those feathers are pretty but poor Gertrude couldn't fly with them and she eventually has to get them all plucked out.

Gertrude McFuzz
6.75 x 9 inches
Gouache & Ink on paper
  © Nicole Gustafsson 2012
Update: SOLD


The opening reception for the show is March 3rd, 7pm - 11pm at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA.
Check out their website for complete artist lineup, more details or to join the show preview list. 

Show runs March 3rd - March 24th.


Daria Hlazatova said...

brilliant!! so did you like green eggs and ham? :)

Nicole said...

I remember that the eggs and ham tasted kinda off. It tasted a little bitter due to the food coloring I think. Thanks Daria!

Cindy D. said...

Fantastic! I love that tree house and those totally Seussy trees and fab colors. Outstanding! (My favorites were "Happy Birthday to Me" and "The Sleep Book" and yes, read them a million times. Approximately.)