Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Suspense and Gallows Humor - Tribute show to Alfred Hitchock

Opening this Friday 13th at Gallery 1988: Venice is tribute show to amazing director and visionary Alfred Hitchcock. My very first Hitchcock film I watched was "The Birds" so that is what came to mind when I was asked to contribute a piece to the show. Definitely creeped out seeing a grouping of blackbirds ever since watching the film.

"Hitchcock Presents"
 7.25 x 9.5 inches
Gouache & ink on paper
© Nicole Gustafsson 2012

Another of my favorite Hitchcock moments is his introductions for his "Hitchcock Presents" series. Quiet little jokes about the character or plot, and little quips about the sponsors at the end, I just love it! So I wanted to include Hitchcock himself in my painting, watching the scene unfolding with some popcorn in his hand for a little snack. (He'll be there a while, those darn birds don't go away anytime soon!)

Hitchcock Presents (detail), © Nicole Gustafsson 2012

Hitchcock Presents, © Nicole Gustafsson 2012

I love that they planned the show for Friday the 13th, perfect timing for a suspenseful show!

Gallery 1988: Venice
214 Pier Ave, 
Santa Monica, CA 90405

PS. I promised a painting tutorial blog post last week, but still working away on it! I haven't forgotten!


Daria Hlazatova said...

what a great piece, i love the dark setting, so beautiful, Nicole! there seems to be so many shows with themes. I'm a big Hitch fan :)

Nicole said...

Thanks Daria! Yeah I love the themes that Gallery1988 comes up with. I feel like it really helps me think outside my norm.

Malapata said...

A really beautiful piece. I have been watching the rest of works on the web of the Gallery and yours is one of my favourites (once again).

Nicole said...

Thank you Malapata, there were a bunch of different artists that I hadn't seen before and loved the new work.