Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Freestyle 50 - Skateboard Exhibit

Opening next month is the Freestyle 50 Exhibit at Screen Ink here in Lincoln, Nebraska. 50 local artists and designers use blank skateboards as their canvas and paint away. Part of the proceeds from the skateboard sales benefit Skate For Change, a skateboarder organization dedicated to helping the homeless by hitting the streets and handing out food, water, and hygiene products to those in need. Here are the details for the show:

Freestyle 50 Exhibit
Opening reception Friday, May 4th  - 7 to 11pm
 Exhibit up through the month of May 

For my board I decided to do a forest city inhabited by wonderful little raccon-like creatures called Tanuki. Some are coming into the tree village while others are pruning the trees and doing a little yard work.

My love for the animal first originated in Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES. Later when I went to Japan, my host family had a stuffed Tanuki in their house which they decorated in a traditional clothes and walking stick. Such fascinating little creatures!

If your in the area, stop on by for the reception May 4th, from 7 - 11pm in Downtown Lincoln.

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