Monday, August 13, 2012

Take Your Trusty Travel Pal

What started as a fun illustration based on our dog Toshi, has expanded to incorporate more of my favorite dog breeds. Toshi loves camping and I imagined what he would take with him if he could pack his own travel gear. He thinks cats are quite silly but he likes playing with them and would make a fine little nest to tote them around I think.

Here's our sleepy Shiba Inu, Toshi last time we went camping. This is less adventure time and more siesta time.

For the rest of the series I picked Airedale Terrier, Rough Collie, and a gentle giant Newfoundland. I
have plans for more dog breeds to join the pack eventually.

These original paintings are available in my online Etsy Shop.

Airedale, 5x7, Gouache & Ink on paper, Available

Rough Collie, 5x7, Gouache & Ink on paper, Available

Newfoundland, 5x7, Gouache & Ink on paper


Kari said...

These are all so wonderful! I am such a fan of your work. :)

Nicole said...

Thank you Kari! I love your mermaid series on your blog. Lovely work!


Rachel Fujii said...

Aw, Toshi is so cute!
I have two Shiba Inu and usually people think they're Husky puppies. The breed isn't too common around here, so I'm always excited when I see one.

I love the series so far and can't wait to see more of the breeds you pick!

Nicole said...

Yea Rachel, two Shiba's - double the fun! People sometimes stop us on our walk and ask if he's a fox.

Jenny De La Torre said...

I love this series! Any chance of a Malamute or a Polish Mountain dog to join your pack?

Nicole said...

Thanks Jenny! I love both those dogs so there's a great chance that I'll be doing one in the upcoming months :)