Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mail Me Art: Short and Sweet

Mail Me Art is an international project where selected artists paint/ink/collage/create artwork on the outside of an envelope and mail it. There's nothing inside the envelope, it's just about creating a fun decorated piece and letting whatever happen to it happen as it travels the world.

The project creator Darren Di Lieto, based in the United Kingdom, collects all the mailed envelopes and has an art exhibit displaying the envelopes and publishes a book of the works. This is the 3rd installment of the project, you may have seen the previous projects published at your bookshop called Mail Me Art: Going Postal with the Worlds Best Illustrators and Designers.

This edition of Mail Me Art is called "Short and Sweet" and limited to 200 artists, and I was happy to be chosen to participate! Here is my envelope featuring a little rabbit in his rabbit home. The envelope surface absorbed my paint a little different so it was a challenge to work on a new material.

Below is the scanned envelope after it had been through the mail - traveling from Nebraska to the United Kingdom.  I've seen incredibly creased, ripped, and mauled envelopes before, so I didn't think it looked to shabby, especially for international mail!

Mail is a great way for people to connect to each other, and check out Mail Me Art's website for past projects and updates. So far there are plans for an exhibit in London and I'll be posting more about the exhibit dates when they become available.

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