Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's the ShizNick at iam8bit!

Last friday, April 19th, was the opening to 90's cartoonfest at iam8bit in LA. If your a kid in the 90's, Nickelodeon is what you probably watched. A lot.

For my piece i settled on Doug for the theme. I love everything from the characters, animation, music in this cartoon. I re-watched the show while I worked on the painting, and the cartoon still holds up even now, over 10 years later. How many times have you watched one of your favorite childhood shows and still liked it as an adult? I was pleasantly surprised and appreciated the show in a new light.

Seeking the Neematoad
10 x 10 inches (image size)
Gouache, ink on paper
© Nicole Gustafsson 2013

Available at iam8bit: here

Doug's crush on Patty is an on going point of interest in the show. I love her name "Patty Mayonnaise", it could have come off really gross right? But she's a super sweetie and here she is with Doug searching for the infamous Neematoad.

Here's the show flyer by the rocking Zac Gorman. (Stop by his website. I love the work he is doing). 
The show is up for the rest of the month. Go check it out in person if your in LA, otherwise head on over to iam8bit's website.

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