Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flora and Fauna Opening at Archimedes Gallery

This weekend is the opening to the art exhibit "Flora and Fauna" at Archimedes Gallery in Oregon. They are a brand new gallery with a beautiful space on the west coast.

Opening Reception - Saturday, Aug 3rd 4pm - 9pm
Cannon Beach, OR

Featuring Artists: 
Dmitri Swain, Nicole Gustafsson, Lauren Roth, Linda Kim, and Roland Tamayo

Expedition ©Nicole Gustafsson 2013

Here is a little preview of the work I will have there. I contributed 6 new paintings, and two limited edition prints will also be available at the gallery (One print will be of the piece above, "Expedition"). The artwork will be up for the month of August. Visit Archimedes Gallery website for more info on the show.

Dawn and Dusk ©Nicole Gustafsson 2013


Kristen Hartle said...

These are fantastic! I really love the care and detail you put into these pieces- roughly how long does one of these take to paint?

Nicole said...

Hi Kristen,
Small pieces usually take about a day (6 hours) and larger pieces around (15-25 hours). Sometimes painting goes really smooth/fast and sometimes I feel like I struggle with lots of elements and then it takes longer.


marions kreativ kate said...

Dear Nicole, Your illustrations are wonderful, I like them! Very nice!