Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fangamer ♥ Attack Mode at PAX Prime in Seattle

This Saturday is the one night extravaganza Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode show in Seattle, WA. I participated last year (theme was "x" and I did a Animal Crossing print), and this year the theme is love. So I decided to do a piece based on my current video game love - Minecraft. Minecraft has been around for quite a while, and it was only when my guy put the game on my computer that I found out just how wonderful the game is. I can build to my hearts desire, I can dig for those lovely ore blocks and explore underground mines, create portals to other dimensions. It's wonderful and I can't say enough kind words about the game. 

Forever Mining
12x18 inch print

Prints available for purchase at the show in Seattle
1927 3rd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98101

(Available online in late November via Fangamer)

So I created a piece based on the various aspects of the game The End, The Nether, Overworld, and some of my favorite biomes and creatures in the game. When I set out to do a painting of this, I told myself that I wasn't going to do a piece with all the "blocks", but sure enough that's what I ended up doing. The square blocks are so iconic and part of the game, I felt like I needed to do it that way.

There are a lot of events going on this Saturday.  Games, music, live performers, food, drink, prints. If you want to see the complete lineup visit their website for tickets (It was very busy last year, and a packed house) and information:

Here is a list of the other artists that plan on contributing prints: Scott Balmer, Mariel Cartwright, Georgina Chacón, Helen Mingjue Chen, Jason Cryer, Ashley Davis, Daniel Dussault, Jacob Ferguson, Kyle Fewell, Kari Fry, Zac Gorman, Nicole Gustafsson, Heart Machine, Tyson Hesse, Sean Husbands, Matthew Kenyon, Corey Lewis, Melissa King, Jon Magram, Mikey Mann, Nina Matsumoto, Minusbaby, Momo & Sprits, Asif Siddiky, Jacob Smiley, Kelly Smith, Kevin Jay Stanton, Wes Talbott, Babs Tarr, Elise Tiffin, Jesse Tise, Jovo Ve, Ian Wilding, Laura Wilson, and Drew Wise

I plan on stopping in later in the evening after 10:00pm when I get out of a panel (Acquisitions Inc is my favorite PAX Prime event and is in the evening this year). See ya in Seattle!

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