Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gem and Mineral Collection at the Natural History Museum in LA

I had the chance to visit the Natural History Museum in LA when I was down for the artshow, and I was blown away by the exhibits at the Museum. I loved spending the day there, from dinosaur fossils and bones, to the animal displays there was so much to look at. But one of the aspects of the collections that I loved the most was the gem and mineral exhibit. It's no secret I'm a rock hound and love looking at minerals (and they often find they're way into my work).

Here are quite a few photos I took of their gem collection. I don't have a lot of the names of the particular minerals, I bought a book later so I could look them up. Yes these are just taken with my iphone...I want to go back with my good camera for sure. Regardless of the quality these little "gems" are enough to spark your interest :)

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