Monday, July 06, 2015

Out and about at Mt. Rainier National Forest

Had the pleasure of staying at Mt. Rainier National Forest in Washington and did a bit of camping! Hadn't ventured out camping since moving to the PNW over a year and a half ago and was itching to get out of the studio. Here's some photos of our adventures!

We also visited the Grove of the Patriarchs trail which has 1000 year old growth Cedar and Douglas Fir trees. As you probably know by now, I love my trees and really enjoyed seeing these oldie trees!

 This shot of the stream was in the morning, by the afternoon everyone was swimming and relaxing in it's waters, taking a break from the heat.

Found my own little swimming spot to read and take in the cool waters. Nothing like mountain streams to perk you right up in this heat wave we have here right now.

These were the trees behind my secret reading spot.

Toshi had a grand time camping. Can't take the pups on trails here, so he always had a babysitter when we went out.

It would take quite a few people to put their arms around this tree. This was at the Grove of the Patriarchs.
Again at the Grove. These two monster trees I think were nicknamed the "twins". Love the spiral in the bark.
Took lots of photos of bark patterns to use as reference for my artwork.

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Jane_Apolo said...

Photos are great. I guess, it was the amazing trip. Now I plan to nake also the great jearney. But during an academic year I don't always have lot's of time, because of homework and essays. But I know, that I can find some help here