Friday, March 08, 2013

Not in Kansas Anymore - Gallery Nucleus Tribute Show

Next weekend is the opening to the Wizard of Oz tribute show "Not in Kansas Anymore" at Gallery Nucleus. 50 artists translate the captivating series, movies and many incarnations of the wonderful series.

I was only familiar with the 1939 film featuring Judy Garland and spin offs like Wicked, so I thought it was about time I read the original book by L. Frank Baum. I really loved the book, and am working my way through the rest of the 15 book series that Baum created.

My love of gems mixed with the fascinating emerald city described in the book is what led to the creation of my painting for the show.

I had to laugh when I found out that the great and powerful Oz (seen flying away in his air balloon in my painting) was just a dude from Omaha, which is the capital of Nebraska (where I live!). Nebraska rarely gets a mention in art and literature so I'm always surprised and happy when something pops up.

If you are interested in getting an early preview of the show, sign up for the online preview at Gallery Nucleus here. The reception is Saturday, March 16th and there will be lots of fun events such as live songs by broadway singers in Wicked, crystal ball readings, and requesting a wish made by the all powerful oz!

Not in Kansas Anymore: A Tribute to the Wizard of Oz
March 16 - April 7 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 16th 7-11pm 
Gallery Nucleus   |   Alhambra CA

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