Monday, June 22, 2009


I had a great time at cottonwood festival last weekend. Our tent was by a nice shady tree and there was a pretty cool breeze the whole weekend. It was such a pleasure hanging out with all the other Graham Gallery artists in the tent.

Here's my booth. Todd Brown made the wooden shelf stand with lights. It's able to come apart and fit in my car (So excited!!!). It also works well keeping my prints in place despite the wind. (I remember the year when there was a massive storm and all my paintings blew away, not in bags OR frames of course!) I think every artist has their experience of being unprepared and witnessing the elements reek havoc on their art so this year I had a better plan of attack!

Thanks everyone who made it out!


lsquaredstudios said...

There was a storm one year - how sad. OH WAIT!!!
As soon as I started to read you post all I could think about was "that year" when it was awful and I came over to hang out at your apartment after we got drenched. Fun times. Hope it was wonderful.

Patricia said...

Great to hang out with you at Cottonwood. Your space looked really cool. We love your work!!