Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Prairie Loft Mural

I had a great time this weekend at the Prairie Loft "Plein Air Art" event in Hastings, NE. There was lots going on from an Art Auction, bake sale (And I might add that I won 3rd place with my Orange Guinness Cake!!!) and workshops and demonstrations.

I worked on painting a mural on the music stage, and people could come on up and join in the fun. I was asked to design the mural and had it "paint-by-numbers" style so people could grab a color and fill it in. Below is the murals progress...

Here's the initial sketch.

Thought it might look better reversed. The image was flipped and further refined.


Here the design is being projected and traced onto the surface of the stage. The fine folks of Hastings pitched in to get this done early so that it would be all ready to paint on the day of the "Plein Air" community events.

Lots of paint (donated by Big G in Hastings...Thanks!)

It's still not quite finished yet, there are going to be black outlines to refine the image and add detail. Thanks everyone who pitched in and helped with the mural and all the Prairie Loft events! (Thanks Amy for the event photos!)