Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update: Desert Bus & Mario

"Super Mario Galaxy", 5x7, Gouache & Ink, 2010

Back in November, Desert Bus for Hope had a fundraiser for Child's Play. The event raised a grand total of $208,349.82! They beat last years goal and raised money to give toys and games to children in Hospitals this holiday season.

One of my donations for Desert Bus's silent auction was a custom 5×7 original gouache painting on paper, featuring the winner bidders favorite video game. (I also threw in a t-shirt & custom painted ornaments to sweeten the deal).

The winning bidder choose Super Mario Galaxy for the inspiration behind their piece. Now I had never played this specific game but I am a HUGE Mario fan. So I did the best painting "research" ever and borrowed the game and played away. It is an amazingly beautiful game and joy to play!!! It certainly helped me do this little painting above with Mario and a little star "Luma".

I just want to say "Thank You" to the winning bidder for their generosity and helping raise money for Desert Bus & Child's play.


Brad said...

You've done a brilliant job at capturing Super Mario Galaxy! Any chance we'll be seeing video game inspired prints available in your Etsy store sometime soon?

Nicole said...

Hi Brad,

Thanks! I will not have any video game inspired prints in my Etsy store, but I am taking part in an old school video game show in California this September.

I will post info about that show and my pieces for it when it get's closer.


lsquaredstudios said...

Fantastic painting Nicole!

Brad said...

Looking forward to hearing more about this upcoming show that you are part of! I loved your take on Link and Mario so I am extremely excited about the theme of the show.

Cody B said...

Beautiful job, and kudos for raising a heaping amount of money for Desert Bus(Child's Play). /thumbs up!

soozie said...

as always .... your worlds are incredible. wanna buy a ticket !!! your talent & craft is so equally matched by the size of your heart :) !!