Thursday, August 11, 2011

Announcing - Beard the Immortal!

My husband Matt launched his literary project Beard the Immortal this month. It is a written collaboration between Matt (pen name C.M. Galdre) and Franklin C. Murdock. Here is a little information about their project:

"In the spring of 2011 two writers and a musician were discussing a recent event on twitter. The event in question was the shaving of the musicians epic winter beard. The musician felt he now looked ten years younger, the writers felt that an atrocity had been committed. The death of the beard was not taken easily. "The beard is dead. Long live the beard!" the writers cried. "Not that big of a deal guys." the musician replied. "That is not shaved where stubble may rise, yet with strange razors even beard may die." the writers called out. "Nay, the beard shall never die, it shall reign eternal" they cried, and so went up the call "Beard the Immortal! Forever may he reign!"

This stuck in one of the writers heads and a few days later he had the idea to create a character, Beard the Immortal, a legend and hero whose exploits were so fantastic that it was hard to tell which were true and which were hyperbole. This writer was C. M. Galdre, and the next day he sent an email to the other, a one Franklin C. Murdock. Together they began collaborating on a series of stories that were inspired by not only their taste in literature but their shared love of video games, anime, and a hodge podge of other interests. So it was that Beard the Immortal was born. We hope that you enjoy these tales as much as we enjoy writing them."

They are continually updating their tale of Beard the Immortal on their website so check it out regularly. 
You can even hear comments from Beard himself on twitter!

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