Saturday, August 06, 2011

Play ball! (kinda sorta)

So Matt and I had been waiting this last few weeks to catch a Saltdogs baseball game here in town and tonight we finally went, and the game started out great. Our home team hit a homerun on the first bat, and I finally got a picture with Homer the mascot (which btw I've wanted a photo with Homer FOREVER, but got too shy every time he was near!)

So this was about the time when people started noticing that a big dark cloud was moving over the ballpark. It's pretty hot out so people joke that a little rain would feel nice. And it starts to rain....and then REALLY rain.

 Not just any rain either...this was a blowing the vender tables over, lights going out, people hiding in the bathroom kinda rain. There was some shelter but the wind made sure to soak everyone and leave no place dry!

Here's a little video Matt took while we were watching the ground crew try to cover the field.

The ground crew had a heck of a time getting this tarp in place but they finally got it!

We decided to leave because there was pretty much no way they could play with the field so wet (it ended up getting postponed till tomorrow anyway). We were greeted with some pretty cloud formations. The drive home we saw lots of down branches and the power was out in some parts of Lincoln here.

Glad everyone was safe and can't wait to watch another baseball game (minus the rain!)

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