Thursday, September 15, 2011

Old School Video Game Art Show at Gallery 1988

Tomorrow is the opening for The Old School Video Game Art Show at Gallery 1988. 
Looks like a really awesome lineup of artists to reminisce about their favorite games.

The Old School Video Game Art Show
Reception: Friday, September 16th 7:00pm
Show runs Sept 16th - October 8th

Hide and Seek, 7 x 14.5 inches, Gouache & Ink on paper, © Nicole Gustafsson 2011, SOLD
One of my favorite video games is the Legend of Zelda series. My personal favorite from the series is Windwaker which influenced the style and characters in this painting. I am very much looking forward to the new game coming out this year. I got a little peek of it at PAX and it looks awesome!

I become quite fond of the  Bokoblin's (little green guys with torches) when working on this piece. I want to think of myself to be somewhat-like princess Zelda, but really I think I'm more like a Bokoblin just hanging out, enjoying some of the scenery and being a little puzzled :)

If your in the area this is a show not to miss! Say hi to all the little game sprites for me :)


Malapata said...

Great painting!

Nicole said...

Thanks Malapata!

Jenny De La Torre said...

I love the color choices for each of your pieces, but especially this one! Beautiful! I was wondering, what do you use to outline your work? Ink and quill or a micropen? I've seen your process on another post, but I've always wondered what you used for the final step. Thanks, and looking forward to more of your creations!

Meowchies Hideout said...

I'm also a big fan of video games :D