Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Afternoon on Yoshi Island" Auction Today!

Morning everybody! For those of you following Desert Bus my original painting "Afternoon on Yoshi Island" will go up on the live auction today at 2:15 PST (UPDATE auctions are running ahead of schedule, login early to watch)!

If you want to bid you need to sign up for a doner account on Desert Bus for Hope's website and log in to their chat system to place a bid. 100% of the auction will go to Child's Play Charity and provides children in hospitals games and toys. As of this morning over $70,000 dollars has been raised...amazing!

Afternoon on Yoshi's Island
by Nicole Gustafsson
Based on the video game "Yoshi's Island"
7.5 x 7.5 inches
Original Painting - Gouache and Ink on paper

Click here to view the auction listing. 
(Live auction on this painting starting today at 2:15pm PST)

*UPDATE* Piece is sold for $1,800 at Desert Bus for Child's Play Charity!

Stay tuned to Desert Bus to follow auctions, giveaways, and lots of awesome other nerdyness!

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