Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magic the Gathering Tribute Art Auction Today!

Later today my original painting inspired by my love of the card game Magic the Gathering goes up for silent auction at Desert Bus for Hope. This was a collaboration between Matt and I; Matt created the theme and wording for the card and I did the illustration.

The auction begins at 2:00pm PST today. To bid you need a donor account on Desert Bus for Hope's website.

Fivelwaeg's Arboretum
Illustrated by Nicole Gustafsson  |  Copy by C.M. Galdre
Tribute to Magic the Gathering cardgame
Original Painting - Gouache & Ink on paper
9.75 x 6.5 inches

Click here to view the auction listing. 
(Silent auction on this painting starting today at 2:00pm PST)

Stay tuned to Desert Bus to follow auctions, giveaways, and guest call ins. 

Here's a little quote from the mysterious wizard himself: "Fine, then I am taking it with me! - Fivelwaeg

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