Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adult Swim show at Gallery 1988

This Friday is the opening to the Adult Swim + Gallery 1988 show!

My fondest memories of the Adult Swim show lineup was when I was in college chilling at night. My favorite show was The Venture Bros. and years later I still yell "GO TEAM VENTURE" before debarking on some random adventure. So I knew I had to do a Venture Bros tribute to good times and a sweet show.

"Vacation on Spider-Skull Island"
8.25 x 13.25 inches
Gouache & ink on paper
Inspired by the Adult Swim show "The Venture Bros."

Venture Bros is one of those shows that it's impossible to pick a favorite character. Brock, Dr Venture, Orpheus, Molotov, and Dr. Girlfriend are just to name a few. Good to know that the next season is currently in the works too!

The reception is this Friday, Jan 13 from 7 - 10pm at Gallery 1988 in LA. 
Show runs till February 4th, and there's a sweet lineup of artists.

The entire show will be online after the reception.

*UPDATE* The show is now online: here! View my painting: here

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