Wednesday, February 01, 2012

PRISMA Artist Collective

I'm super excited to share with you the artist collective PRISMA that I'm honored to be part of. The group consists of 25 international artists all brought together by the artist/founder Kaspian Shore.

Prisma members include: 
Mary Jane Ansell - England
Tom Bagshaw - England
Lindsey Carr - Scotland
Hsiao-Ron Cheng - Taiwan
Leontine Greenberg - USA
Nicole Gustafsson - USA
Caitlin Hackett - USA
Daria Hlazatova, Ukraine
Ruben Ireland - England,
Sarah Joncas - Canada
Nom Kinnear King - England
Kit Lane - USA
Alex Louisa - Australia
Rod Luff - Australia
Jen Mann - Canada
Kelly McKernan - USA
Lady Orlando - Mexico
Lilly Piri - Australia
Audrey Pongracz - USA
Michael Shapcott - USA
Kaspian Shore - Germany
Allison Sommers - USA
Kelly Vivanco - USA
Casey Weldon - USA
Bec Winnel - Australia
And what does an artist collective do? Basically we have discussions about art, supplies, techniques, galleries, inspirations, and have a group to bounce ideas thoughts off of. I think every artist at some point or another feels alone, the art world can be a strange and mysterious place, and it's nice to have a group to navigate the rocker waters with.

We will be having shows as well. There will be two smaller group shows this year and a larger show with all the PRISMA members in 2013. The shows will feature individual work, but also collaborations between artists. (I'm super excited to work with the artists I've been paired up with for collaborations, but will keep that a secret for now!) Collaborations give us a chance to try something new, different, and go beyond our comfort level.

Stay up-to-date with PRISMA news at our website:

 You can also find PRISMA here:

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