Monday, January 23, 2012

A Special Treehouse

AG's House
24 x 24 inches
Gouache and Ink on Wood

This commission was a special treat to do, for a special friend. This charming house with lovely details on the porch, half moon attic windows and adorable scalloped shaped shingles. It is one of the most complex treehouses that I've taken on, and I feel like I never really knew this house until I drew it.

It's amazing how lives can intertwine in a place, and I am glad for the friendships that began in a small Nebraskan city where this house lives, with some the nicest folks I've ever met :)


Jade Sheldon said...

Gosh, this is so gorgeous. Makes me want to get out my gouache and start painting right now. So inspiring!

lsquaredstudios said...

This turned out beautiful! Amazing detail!

soozie said...

How much do I love this ?? L.O.V.E.
You captured the magic of this house brilliantly & perfectly !!

Moira Ladd said...

this is really lovely, brilliant work. very magical.