Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Camping

Last weekend we went camping with my parents at Branched Oak outside of Lincoln. It hasn't rained in quite a while here, let alone thunderstorm, but each night wind, lighting, and lots of rain poured down on our tents. It was still a grand time and the days were nice and warm.

Toshi our pup likes to be part of the crew. He's been having issues with allergies but he was enjoying sniffing the crisp fall air.

 My sisters stopped by for the afternoon too and I had to get a family photo with the whole group with my trusty Polaroid!

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rossichka said...

You escaped in nature and spent some days together - breathing fresh, tasty autumn air, listening to birds singing and leaves falling (oh, yes, and to rain drops and thunders!)... Thank you for sharing those pretty family moments!:)