Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch + Friends

Every year we make a yearly pilgrimage to the Country Harvest Pumpkin patch. We discovered this pumpkin patch several years ago while in college. And even though our college friends have since moved to different towns and states, we all still try to get together once a year, which usually happens in the fall season so we still get to go to the pumpkin patch together.

My Polaroid was a little off center but that's part of the charm of these old school cameras right?

The pumpkin patch was actually really busy (this picture doesn't really do the heat and crowds justice), but the family that runs the place does a really great job of coordinating everything and there's always yummy food, new play area's for the kids, and they added more hayrack rides (to the pumpkins in the fields) to compensate for the crowds.

With the incredibly dry summer here in the midwest I didn't think there would be much of a pumpkin selection but all the pumpkins we big and plentiful.

I went with one of these bluish-gray pumpkins. Not sure of the official type of pumpkin they are but they are a lot heavier than the traditional orange pumpkins.

This is Matt's photo of our pumpkin haul. They have these little carts to wheel your pumpkins around while you look at the other sites. 

The pumpkin patch has an area with farm yard animals and we see this goat every year. I think he/she loves all the attention the visitors give. 


We also got the chance to try out some new board games with the group. First up was Mystery Express and I think it is my new board-gaming love. It appealed to my love of mysteries and if your a fan of Clue you'll love this game. It was dubbed "clue for grownups" because of the extra elements you have to solve. 

Next up for the board games was Zombicide. Our group ended up not completing our mission...aka getting totally destroyed by the zombie horde, but after playing it now we have some better ideas on how to not be overcome by the zombies. (sorry for the grainy photos!)

The only down side to these games is that you usually need 4 - 6 players to play. That said it also makes them the perfect games to play with your friends.

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