Friday, July 26, 2013

We Made Them Do It - New show at Gallery 1988 West

Opening tonight 7-10pm is the "We Made Them Do It" show at Gallery 1988 West. Prints and original works based on the tv shows and movies that you thought would never see in an art show. The weird, the underdogs, the so-bad-it-wasn't-even-cult-worthy. Here is a post that co-owner Jensen posted about the show.

My piece is based on the movie "Nothing But Trouble". I first watched the movie because I'm a huge Chevy Chase fan, but this movie takes so many weird turns I was very weirded out. If you've watched the movie I think you'll get what I mean, and if you haven't watched the movie, well, I'm not sure you would want to. In fact it's a hard movie to get ahold of other than the internet. However there are lots of great actors involved and even an appearance by the music group Digital Underground!

House Policy
10 x 6 inches (image size)
Gouache, ink, on paper
©Nicole Gustafsson 2013
Available at Gallery 1988

Also there is a "Insta Art Walk" going from Gallery East and West and Neveux Artisan Creamery. Basically if you follow the directions here, you can win a free print by Mark Englert.

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