Monday, November 18, 2013

Duelist the card game on Kickstarter

My guy wears many hats - UI designer, artist, author, game creator. His latest project is Duelist - a tabletop card game that he has been designing, play testing, and it is finally ready for production. But in order to make it cost effective to sell, you need to do a very large print run. This is where you and Kickstarter comes in. See something you like? Pledge and with enough people we can put Duelist into production and bring you the highest quality, most cost effective game we can.

Check it out, and if you would like to take part in this, please pledge. We need help spreading the word, please tweet-blog-share the game! The KS page has videos demoing gameplay and shows you some of the prototypes. There are many tiers to pick, from"Thank you" to the game with patches, pins, and fun stuff!

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