Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Original Painting at Desert Bus for Hope

My original painting "A Perfect Day" based on Animal Crossing New Leaf, is up on silent auction over at Desert Bus for Hope! Quick recap of what Desert Bus for Hope is that they play a video game nonstop while raising money for Childs Play Charity. They auction off items, do fun challenges, have guest speakers during this time. So far the group has been bussing for a little over two days and has already raised over $173,000!!! I have participated in this event for the last four years and it's been wonderful getting to know the folks involved.

"A Perfect Day"
Original Gouache and Ink painting on paper
8x10 inches
©Nicole Gustafsson 2013

Note: My auction item has about 6 hours left (at the time this post was made), get your bids in!!! 
UPDATE: SOLD for $1212.12!!! Thank you! 

There were prints made of this for the Fangamer X Attract Mode show and I've been getting a few questions about those. I believe that there are still copies of the print available, but they will be available at Fangamer.net sometime in the future. 

UPDATE on the PRINT: It is currently available here at Fangamer.net

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