Wednesday, February 12, 2014

D.I.C.E. Summit 2014

I had the honor of contributing a piece to The Future Of Gaming curated by iam8bit at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas last week. 10 artists were asked to create an art piece based on a quote by individuals in the gaming industry. My quote was from Kim Swift who said:

"The future of gaming is going to always be with us on mobile devices that are part of our daily lives, and will infect and project onto the world around us. We're on the advent of some truly impressive mobile devices--input systems that detect the acoustic variances on where you tap your palm, tiny microprojectors on glasses, cameras that detect where you're looking, virtual and augmented reality, not to mention increased processing speeds. Imagine games that can project onto any surface, anywhere to create an instant display and uses voice, eye direction and touch controls for inputs. Then picture the game taking into account the environment it's being project on to determine things like level layouts, and those projections interacting with other people's game projections. I imagine that games will be everywhere around us."

Game Night, 8x8 inches, gouache and ink, ©Nicole Gustafsson 2014
I loved the idea of characters interacting with other players and that gaming could be projected anywhere. My painting I created for the show features a group of gaming gals hanging out playing a game together. For the "game" I used woodland characters that I've been developing in my artwork over the years.

Playing video games can be such a fun experience with friends and other gamers. Some of my favorite memories of video games are playing NES games with my sisters and friends growing up. Going to PAX I see impromptu games springing up everywhere while people wait in lines or just chilling, it's an exciting time for video games and I love seeing the new technology and innovation mixed with passionate creativity.

Photo of The Future of Gaming via iam8bit

Photo of The Future of Gaming via iam8bit

Photo of The Future of Gaming via iam8bit
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