Sunday, February 16, 2014

PRISMA Artist Collective group show at WWA Gallery

Last night was the opening to the PRISMA Artist Collective group show at WWA Gallery in Culver City, California. The group consists of 30 creatives founded by fellow artist Kaspian Shore in 2011. With a wide variety of talents ranging from sculpting, digital and traditional painting, illustration and collage, we work to establish good friendships, encourage and support each other.

Ana Bagayan, Lindsey Carr, Chrystal Chan, Hsiao-Ron Cheng, J.A.W. Cooper, Nicole Gustafsson, Caitlin Hackett, Daria Hlazatova, Jeremy Hush, Sarah Joncas, Nom Kinnear King, Kit Lane, Edith Lebeau, Alex Louisa, Allison Sommers, Jen Mann, Kelly McKernan, Zach Montaya, Lilly Piri, Audrey Pongracz, Vahge, Kelly Vivanco, Casey Weldon, Bec Winnel, N.C. Winters, Michael Shapcott, Rod Luff, Kaspian Shore

The entire show is currently available online and up until March 8th.

10 x 10 inches
Gouache, ink
©Nicole Gustafsson 2014

My painting was inspired by ice that drips from rocks and leaves beautiful ice formations. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I have discovered that moisture conditions are perfect for forming unusual ice formations and frost. In my illustration, adventurers have set up base camp among the frost tree trees and go out exploring. 

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